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In the world of cars that are sophisticated computers on wheels, it is important to find a truly cutting-edge auto mechanic to keep on top of computer diagnostics testing for your vehicle. At Advanced Auto Sports in Farmington, we are just that cutting-edge team of auto mechanics, and we are fully versed in all auto repair, including computer diagnostics testing. 

Computer diagnostics testing is the wave of the future when it comes to auto repair, and at Advanced Auto Sports, we pride ourselves on always riding that wave. Computer diagnostics testing can give you valuable information about your vehicle that might not be visible to the naked eye. Paired with comprehensive auto repair with an auto mechanic you trust, you and your car will be poised to go further than ever.

At Advanced Auto Sports, our passion is customer education. We are more than happy to go over the results of your computer diagnostics testing report with you, because there is nothing we love more than being able to teach you something new about your car. When you have the results of your computer diagnostics testing in front of you, you know what’s going on; when you know what’s going on, you feel empowered to make better decisions about your car. And that is why we are here. We will be up front with you at every step of the process so that you never have to worry if you’re being given the whole story. The glowing 5 star reviews we regularly receive from our customers just serve to drive this point home:

“Fantastic first experience at the shop. I was concerned about finding a new shop to handle repairs with my newly purchased Mini. The team was fast, efficient and thorough. They were very reasonable in their billing, and their communication was great, and very professional. They were excellent in addressing my concerns and answered all of my questions. This is a great business to work with!” -- Wally

At Advanced Auto Sports, you can rest easy, knowing that, when you bring your vehicle in for computer diagnostics testing, it will leave our shop in the best condition we can make it. We aren’t called “Advanced” for nothing--you won’t find any amateur auto mechanics here. There is nothing that matters more to us than gaining your trust by providing the very best auto repair in Farmington that money can buy! This includes the very latest in computer diagnostics testing. So bring your car to us today. There is no repair too great or too small, we fix them all! We are easy to reach by phone, or you can schedule an appointment online. We can’t wait to make you a loyal customer, too! We are located at 22455 Farmington Rd., Farmington, MI 48336, and our hours are 8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday.

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